The Advantages Of Growth Driven Design

Growth driven design is a more agile web design process. There are three steps to growth driven design strategy, launchpad and continuous improvement. Learn more about the benefits & strategy of growth driven design -

These steps allow growth driven design to provide three distinct advantages:

The first advantage is minimizing risk.
Growth driven design lets you to minimize the risk associated with your website redesign. Since you are starting with a launchpad site and continually iterating and improving on it, there is less pressure to get a perfect product than what you might experience in a traditional website redesign. That's because you know from the start that you will be changing things based on data.
There is also less risk involved from a financial and a time perspective. When you know that you will be working on the continuous improvement phase for a number of months, it’s easier to work this time and money into a long-term plan and budget.

The second advantage is a quicker launch
A growth driven design approach allows you to launch more quickly than a traditional website redesign. This means that you will start seeing results and gathering data that you can use to drive continuous improvement more quickly. Traditional website redesign projects are often launched over-budget and past the intended launch date – growth driven design projects allow you to launch more quickly and stay within your intended budget more easily.

The third advantage is data
Traditional web design often operates based on assumptions rather than data. The growth driven design model turns this on its head and uses data as the basis for everything. In today’s world, a traditionally redesigned website can become quickly outdated or out of touch with your end users. With growth driven design, you are continually looking at your data and your user behavior and optimizing your site to better serve your end users.
Continuous improvement also means continuous learning. You are learning about how your end users interact with your site and incorporating this data into your design decisions to drive better results.

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