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Optimizing Website Speed For SEO

25 views April 17, 2019

Is your website speed hurting your SEO? If so, contact THAT Agency for a free site review on...

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25 views April 15, 2019

No matter what type of business you have your users are coming to your website to DO something,...

Social Media Marketing

How To Build A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

53 views March 05, 2019

Content is the heart of any social media strategy. Neglecting to create valuable and engaging...

Search Engine Marketing

Should You Avoid Stop Words for SEO?

75 views March 04, 2019

Should you avoid stop words for SEO? Get the answer to this question and more from the THAT...

Search Engine Marketing

Tips To Improve Google My Business Post Performance

89 views February 08, 2019

Improve the performance of your Google My Business Posts with these three tips. For more great...

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11 Reasons Why Your Website Speed is Killing Your Social...

114 views February 11, 2019

Are you spending a lot of time, money, and energy on your social media marketing campaigns to...

Inbound Marketing

Setting SMART Marketing Goals

112 views January 11, 2019

Hi, I'm Michelle Sternbauer, Account Director here at THAT Agency. Today, I want to talk to you...

Inbound Marketing

Storytelling: Marketing with Impact

90 views December 21, 2018

Hi. I’m Katie Weedman, Content Strategist for THAT Agency, and I’m here to tell you a story about...

Web Design

How to Give Great Feedback

94 views December 21, 2018

Have you ever been a part of a creative design process with an agency or in-house creative team?...

Web Design

3 Website Design Trends of 2019

234 views November 09, 2018

Is your website ready for 2019? Checkout these three web design trends for the upcoming year. Get...

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Website SEO Checklist Before Your New Launch

153 views November 09, 2018

Before you launch your new website, utilize this checklist to make sure your SEO is in top...

Social Media Marketing

Do Facebook Likes Still Matter?

133 views October 25, 2018

Five short years ago, growing your social community was very important. The more Facebook page...