3 Marketing Mistakes Your IT Company Is Making

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about three marketing mistakes you are making, specifically as they relate to your IT company. - http://bit.ly/32EHtOl

Mistake #1 - Not Having a Defined Unique Selling Proposition

Face it. Your industry is saturated (unless you've cornered some unicorn of a geo location). There are multiple IT companies in every city across the country, and they are probably all offering the same products and solutions. This is why having a defined unique selling proposition (USP) is key. This is your point of difference. Defining it is what will allow you to create a unique service and give your IT company a distinct voice in an overcrowded market. Do you have a unique managed services process? Do customers have access to you 24/7? Can you offer discounts over and above the competition? Define this, and then use it!

Mistake #2 - Focusing Only on One Type of Content

Do you have plans to create custom images, infographics, animations, and video in your content strategy? If you answered no, that is a big mistake. If you answered some or not all, that is a lesser mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. Not only does your customer consume content in a variety of ways, search engines have made huge pushes to index this type of content and serve it in their results, so you are limiting your search engine optimization efforts. And we aren't talking about using stock images and videos - everyone is using stock, and we just talked about being unique, didn't we? Expend a little effort. Create your own visuals. Hire a professional (like us - shameless plug). Use tools like Canva. Think beyond words - think visually. - http://bit.ly/32Md8hb

Mistake #3 - Not Taking Advantage of Available Co-Op Dollars

This is arguably the biggest mistake! Most every provider that you work with offers some type of co-op marketing program. Essentially, co-op marketing programs are when brands offer to pay a portion (or ALL) of the advertising placement costs done by a sales channel partner. Typically, there are some rules you have to follow. That is why working with an experienced marketing agency (like us - shameless plug) is key. If you haven't been leveraging any of your provider co-op marketing programs, well... it's time to get started. Your bottom line can thank me later. :)

That's all I have for you today. For more great tips like these, visit us at http://bit.ly/2LtIPWq and follow us on social media. Happy marketing!

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