4 Digital Marketing Tools We're Using in 2020

Hey everyone! I'm a little short on time today, but as we start looking towards the next year and planning our digital marketing strategies for 2020, I thought it may be useful to give you a little insight into some of the tools we use as a digital marketing agency.

Speaking of 2020, check out this blog post on the different ways video marketing will grow your business in the new year: http://bit.ly/2QRPpt2

While there are a wide range of tools out in the market, and I certainly don't have time to list off EVERY tool that we use here at THAT Agency, I figured I could mention a few.

The first is Moz. I am sure most of you have heard of Moz; however, for those of you have not, Moz is one of the leading SEO software - including tools and resources for smarter marketing. As an agency, we are in here pretty much on a daily basis, reviewing our client keyword rankings, looking for optimization opportunities, analyzing the competition, evaluating and researching potential backlinking opportunities, and reviewing any site crawl issues.

Next, I want to talk about Raven Tools. While Raven does have some similar features to Moz, and we do also use it as another place to spot check and analyze our clients' data, we also use it for our monthly reports. Raven Tools does a great job at maintaining integrations from multiple sources like the Google Suite, all mainstream social channels, and many email platforms - just to name a few. This allows us to pull data from all sources into a nicely compiled report for our customers. With the integrations, it allows us to spend less time creating the reports and more time analyzing and providing insight.

Third up is Call Rail. At THAT Agency, we are OBSESSED with being able to track leads, probably to the point that it may be a little annoying (ahem...Jordan). One great tool we have implemented for nearly every client is Call Rail. Call Rail gives us the ability to create trackable phone numbers that we can use to tie back our marketing efforts to the originating source. This is not only beneficial in tracking our online digital marketing efforts, but Call Rail can also be useful in tracking your offline, more traditional marketing efforts.

More on Call Rail here: http://bit.ly/2KTEnQ4

Lastly, I want to mention Sprout Social. This is a great tool that we utilize daily, as it is an aggregation, creation, and monitoring tool for all our social media marketing. This tool integrates with all major social media channels, allows us to schedule and plan social content, monitor and manage each community, and track hashtags and conversations - all in one convenient dashboard! It is a HUGE time saver, as we no longer need to log into each channel and account separately (which can be a big time suck). On top of that, it creates reports at the click of a button!

Okay, that's it for now. Hope you find these tools useful! That said, we are always on the lookout for any new tools, so if you know of any, let us know. Hope your planning for 2020 is off to a great start, and if you need any assistance getting your marketing plan in place, give us a call.

For more great digital marketing tips and tricks, check out our blog at http://bit.ly/2KTDB5C and follow us on social media!

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