Tips To Improve Google My Business Post Performance

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If you are unfamiliar with Google My Business Posts, these are new content posting capabilities released in July of 2018. GMB Posts come in the form of events, news updates, product spotlights and more that are posted directly to your Google My business listing and map listing. Similar to a social media posts, this element of your Google My Business is free and is also proven to increase local rankings. If you are not utilizing these tactics, I would suggest starting right away. 

However, this videos purpose it to improve the performance. Here are three tips to do so:

The first suggestion is the utilization of Event Type posts for a longer duration on content pieces. The standard GMB post last seven days before expiring which can mean reposting up to four times per month. In order to have a single message stay with a listing for a full month. I would suggest using event types to keep posts active longer. Additionally, this helps relieve the issue of missing posts during a lag time to get them up. Our clients typically combine month long posts along with weekly posts. Remember that multiple posts can be live at the same time.

The second tip is to utilize the GMB insights tab to gather the searchers terms and intent when being served your GMB listing. The insight tab will show the specific keywords in buckets of branded or discovery terms. Using these data point, you will better serve your visitors with content they are searching for. For example, a local attorney may offer a checklist of what someone needs before calling for legal assistance.

The last tips should be a staple in your posts. The usage of UTM parameters on the call to action buttons of the posts will be able to segment these visitors in Google Analytics. Here you will be able to see the traffic, website engagement and potentially the value of a visitor from your posts. If used correctly, you can also begin to see trends in the types of posts or the creative used on each post for engagement. Without using UTM parameters, traffic will be combined with additional organic traffic.

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