Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

May 18, 2018 Google My Business

Check out tips on optimizing your Google My Business and how to track each listings impact in Google Analytics - https://goo.gl/xVM25P

Ready To Get Started On Optimization? Use These Tips:

NAP Consistency - Your businesses Name, Address and Phone Number are the starting points in the optimization for your listings. Having consistency with these elements across all citations including Google My Business is one of the most important ranking factors. Avoid using naming conventions and keyword stuffing as your listings could be flagged.

Categories & Secondary Information - Each of your listings should have the categories attached that best describe the business. Although your specific category may not always be listed, be sure to at least choose two or three that are relevant. These categories and secondary information like hours, payment methods and accessibility information are key elements that users could be searching for.

Photos Videos & Virtual Tours - Uploading media is an important aspect of management as they are one of the most viewed aspects of listings. Make it a point to set aside time each quarter to update images and shoot videos. Recently GMB has allowed managers to upload personal videos onto listings. This could be a competitive advantage for your listing.

Reviews - Citation managers should take reviews seriously as they are typically the most under utilized aspects of listings. Answering a majority of the reviews, good or bad is important as it creates a comfort level with potential customers and shows our take your reputation seriously.

Additional Tips - Shortly after this video was produced, the Google My Business dashboard changed drastically to include; Google Posts, business descriptions, service menus and Questions & Answers. All of these new aspects are used as ranking factors for users and can help tremendously with click through rates and visibility. Learn more about the benefits of GMB Posts - https://goo.gl/4mZ4tP

Tracking - In order to track the impact of each listing in Google Analytics, we recommend using UTM codes on the listings in order to segment traffic out of the bulk Google Organic source. By Using a different Ad Content parameter, you will be able to see each listings complete traffic stats. Learn more about tracking the impact of your listings - https://goo.gl/xVM25P

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